Karin Bultje

Karin Bultje

Karin's photographs reveal a certain part of the personal life concerning the subject but simultaneously offers a glimpse of focused instances that involve the past and present of our contemporary society. On the one hand, Karin's work functions as an investigative shift in the relationship between Human Beings, It draws attention to often missed expressions, avoiding the usual veneer that is associated with the appearance of an obvious camera. Karin was born in 1964, Haarlem, The Netherlands. It was in Amsterdam where she began her studies in fine art and photography and soon had her first exhibition in 1993 at the ING bank, Amsterdam. Karin's work has a life of its own. Witness a natural connection within her art. Inspiring compositions.

Mark Anthony

Mark Cameron

Mark discovered his creative side in 2001 whilst working as a Laboratory Technician. Although driven by various factors, one can still see that this experience heavily influences his work. Mark's compositions are a study of specific geometrics and the interaction of people within our environment. Between architecture, transportation, urban landscapes and the solar system. With varied interests such as astronomy, psychology and of course art, he is influenced by  these arenas; creating his own interpretation of the Earth and other environments.

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