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11/06/2018 17:28

New art coming soon. My attention is diverted some what. At work on my new project. This is ALL I do at the moment, apart from the dreary weekly shop. Was exhausted after 4 hours a night sleep for weeks last month. There was no profit in working that hard. Back into a more reasonable timetable now. My new art will be available on the front page shortly and free to download. So if you like, print them yourself.

'That Dream You Saw Me In That I Saw You In.'

01/12/2016 23:58

Nope. Automated text bleeps at odd times etc, are just that. Not envious of covetable social validation either. Tired. Just tired of being domineered by a potent, know-it-all imagination. An ego that deceives, yeah sure. It's real. To you. A probability so close, so borderline to the present, it is recorded as real. Suffering the non existential. Some people are always suffering, interpreting the most recent version of reality with unreasonable bias. Always relying on their repetitive beliefs, that's why change goes unnoticed. Lost in imagination and long past decades old memories. Stuck there. Believing that they are 100% relevant now. Made present again by churning through them again and again, without any new take on it. The feelings relived and fallen into. Again. They do not exist here now. It makes up your fear here and now though. A powerful awareness to do with what you wish. Thought. Minimally controlled. Out of control.

Now. My real main hobby belongs to me and doesn't fit in with the normal views on what a hobby should be. From planetary science to frying steak to reviving an old CRT. I like puzzling out stuff. So, when I do eventually solve them........Looking forward to showing exactly what I mean. Unless my ego is deceiving me that is.

PS. Massive price drops and a quality refresh will come.....AND some REAL paradigm shifts, proper culture shocks......After the puzzle is up and running. Set up is more tedious than I expected. So that slowed things a bit before the start. Ah, top of the year, flu again. Slacked on the green peppers.

Sansa Fuse - Topping NX1

06/18/2015 17:58

Busy doing abstract things, this kind of hard creativity is not appreciated. So blogging will be intermittent. There is a lot of scope, but I think it is too rich for conventional dietary requirements just now. Soon maybe.

Needed stitches. Opened my hand. No anaesthetic. Put mind over matter to the test. Had joint muscle problem, took anti-inflammatories, had hallucinations, had anger fits. Avoiding those. Even though they did work.

Spiralling back.....Since there is no actual contact with the so called visible spectrum, holding just an interpretation of it, which is subject to psychological colouring, a preset expectation, walking fast through a particular sports goods shop will evoke it, first hand; I guess from that, it is very easy to form an imaginary character, out of an actual person in the mind. Even if known for a while. The bias of which is possibly unique to an individual. Especially when trying to hold together a cloud full of fanciful thoughts, future possibilities. Desperate to make all the imaginary parts fit the actuality. Creating a fantasy out of perceived reality or the most acceptable standards. An abuse of power I would call it. Going for creating reality out of fantasy. Oddly, while dreaming up characters for my book (work on that when I feel the urge to) I tend to come across pleasant people who fit the description, of which I would not consider as being ordinary.

Been really dull and boring. I mean really boring, with absolutely no real inspiration since 2011, and yet still inspiring youz. Never did graphic design; unless technical drawing is considered as such. Dunno, never looked into it.

Now for something addictive. You need: A Sansa Fuze V2 (or V1) Rockboxed. (You can use any pmp or sp). A Topping NX1. A pair of Sennheiser 407's (small amount of tack rear of speaker, to suppress heavy bass resonance (works well), if need be).

Briefly, with Rockbox, eq the sound (depending on genre), if you hear clipping, Precut until it stops.

The Fuze has excellent audio capability already, the NX1 gives it a different personality. High resolution sound. Flac is impressive. Even low bitrate MP3. NX1 takes a good few hours use to saturate. Makes retro stuff like 'Hey (hey) What's the matter with your feel right?' sound very good (yeah I downloaded it after watching that inspired film) and more recent 'Hear my voice an ya smile tonight'....'Stick to the fact, that chapped lips get convexed'....'Tell me now can you make it past your caspers'....'I have a hard time taking the easy way'. I could go on. I won't. Amazing subtleties and powerful waves at a low volume. Build your own using a low noise bipolar-input operational amp and arrange a heftier current buffer and battery; compared to the NX1. Anyway this set up is very good as it is.

Bugs contaminating the system......Pessimists. I suppose you do need them. To get a fresher, bug free view of yourself. What is coming up next? Unconventional behaviour. Getting my team together. Stark, heavy hitters in there. Believe.

I forgot. Rockbox: Perceptual Bass Enh' 25%, Haas Surround 5ms.

08/11/2014 14:05

Thought what had been envisioned as a book from the start, that would be it. Jotterpad is ok, except individual page setup is non existent for some reason. Good for writing when out. Missed a few opportunities by not writing hot. That spontaneous individual imagination that cannot wait, otherwise it fades. Trying to expand on it at a later time, without the emotional surge, recalling only the soggy sludge of what was a whole, partially dipped sweet; Hot tea taken up quickly, adding weight, post immersion, unbalancing the mouthward treat, an instability which then gives reason for the biscuity chunk to plunge into the depths of the teacup. Later to be seen, along with the tepid, cloudy remains of Redbush.
First attempt at a book. Seems to be carrying me along, developing in ways unexpected. Cannot elaborate on anything (sucker mc's), what I can say is; When you buy a copy and read it, some will be fact, some of it is fiction.

Oh and any misinterpretation, the fault of which is going to be a responsibility of your own psychological factory. Those elusive traits and qualities that evoke both the positive and the troll. The act. The strict set of subconscious actions that conjure up the preset being. Usually intangeble patterns, which allows a bubbling up without much consideration into the present, less any ponderous thoughts to create drag. Going with the flow man. Rejected titles:

Execration Gate, Drunken Lassitude, Churl Brigade, Frown Trader, Smiling At Me.

Maybe I can use at least one of these for another.

24/07/2014 11:09

Previous post was fact with a dash of fiction (or not so) and is a character from the book that I am constructing; to be uploaded elsewhere soon. Of course at £1.99 it's good value. If it's worth reading.

Tip of the day: Re previous, it meant; Don't take the text too seriously. It's not the Bible.


14/07/2014 17:27

Page views good, vid views bad. Even though it was extremely low fat, space is still too rich a diet, triggering those sparks of contradiction. Countless related and unrelated cognitions. It's the related aspect that allows the comfortable, predictable, interpretation. The unrelated, the antithesis of that comfort, which depends heavily on lessening the importance of the related. Like wearing a leather or quilted jacket on an oppressively hot summers day, in searing midday heat down the high street. For that person; It makes sense. Since there's a cloud in the sky, It might rain.

So back down to Earth. Realising what makes here so 'pristine'. Well the unmodified food, been eating more raw food, green tea, no sugar, no alcohol, limited salt, you'll be surprised (if you don’t know already) just how familiar this feels. The clarity, studying like a demon, the trade off is worth it. But the clarity does have real downer moments. Makes me look at things that I thought was acceptable at the time, the related cognitions that linked together, that are now realised as uncomfortable errors, so I am not immune from dissonant patterns of thought myself. Habits are a sure way to enhance that behaviour. And a cause of not regulating it at the time. Positives. Some very strange results. Very unexpected. Must be down to detoxification.

I noticed that food is affecting my thoughts. Since I figured that everything depends on plants. Particular varieties must have everything very much under either direct or indirect control (processed food) to guarantee greater establishment.

It isn't that clear and detailed, threw this together quickly this morning.

Image top: 'Untitled'. Tip of the day: Enjoy what you've got and shut yer cake hole.

18/06/2014 00:07

Thinking about some of the responses that I have had. I can say that my aim is to be a good person; At the expense of myself, even though this has been misunderstood/misinterpreted, usually under the umbrella of wrongdoing etc. That is it. Not set out to be pompous or injurious to anybody. Just trying to find out why I am here and what it is all about, learning something new every other week, rather than not caring to think about anything else outside of someone elses ideas. Difficult lessons to learn, I think whatever it is I am due, surely must return in my favour and excite my whatever it is.

Something that I am beginning to grasp though. Looking into the nonexistent future (specific indescribable mental influences creating it?) is not a good idea. Some things do come true. Everything goes around in circles and I am here for the benefit of other people. I am not sure what to do other than that.

Oculus rift

09/05/2014 00:27

I could elaborate on the previous post, but something else came up.

Back to this post. It was supposed to be based on the following, but my other simulation is far more realistic than this one. Because it is based on real topology. This virtual World consists of an imaginary landscape. My PC couldn't handle simultaneous rendering and video capture (< 20 frames/sec). So the video is based on slides rather than 3D illusion. Which looks a lot better (sort that later). The graphics and music are preliminary outlines.

A virtual reality puzzler, where to begin with you had to secure a remote uninhabited sand dune amidst a vast ocean to cover-up your presence. The opposition is busy influencing the populous (setting trends like greed, antagonism, war etc) in order to covertly exploit resources. You are in competition and seek to convert the populous using nothing more than positive psychological methods and a limited use of weaponry. Which would have been necessary because of the affected masses; Thanks to your business rivals shaping of the global psyche. Your tasks would have used more tactful methods in order to establish a useful habour. You could walk amongst, interact and explore extensive conurbations. Ultimate goal would have been to form what would be later considered an archetypical platform for planetary resource procurement.

Need a decent budget to make the most of it; decided to go for a more rapidly achievable thing.

Image top: 'The Masses'. Click on it for the video. Recommended applications this month: Flesky keyboard. Also, Root Explorer and Viper4Android.

Nearby star

25/09/2013 19:47

As an artist, you should expect the obtuse now and again. It's just like pareidolia; the lines were based on a figment of my imagination, anything else was obviously a product of the popular belief or hypnotism. You made up the gaps. Readily available sources of information can shape fundamental opinion, looking at it. Accepted ideas (which doesn't make them correct). And these ideas can and do become intertwined in memory, which can then provide false memories? The belief in these ideas provide such strength that dilemmas could persist if I were to realise anything other than the accepted general knowledge. For example, if I were told that the Moon has ancient calcium chalk sea beds, I probably would rely on cognitive dissonance and the telly, instead of seeking the information and cross referencing. Naturally this requires a certain awareness.

It is understood; the reaction against my perceived dysfunctional incivility, which of course is not the actual intent. The offended creates interest. Since the unhindered reaction exposes the core state of well being for a brief moment. The poem was an opportunity to test and take a glance at subjective discernment. How and what it would evoke, the sharing of normally guarded information from the irrational perspective. It is interesting to observe the subject, the prime response, the foundation of self; disgorging whatever bias, slipstreamed into mind, extraneous opinion given meaning, amalgamated into a part of what makes up the rationale without question and made personal. Wherever you touched down, that cannot be ignored. Introspective wise. It is a good way to see the balance. Pessimist or optimist, blissfully looking forward or twistedly sour and miserable, a wholesome, pleasant nature or unsound in outlook. And so on. Whatever the core response is what adds towards a balance of either more negativity or bliss in the collective consciousness. You know, that stuff that sets the atmosphere of a place. 72% provided a hefty tide of negative vibes. I guess that receiving information overload everyday of a particular type is submitting to and being directed by it, (conclusion, because I'm not writing a book) forming an abstraction that directs and dominates thought with a cacophony of truly inapplicable notions, when called upon, others are reflected in the oddity of it. Real or not.

Image top right: Today's astronomy: This is my first drawing of a nearby star, unfinished. Needs more detail, not clear why the flares and surface are so positioned/distributed and dynamic, maybe optical illusion due to the angle of view? Click on it for the close up!

Blue Vortex

08/04/2013 22:19

A return to the primordial essence. A return to the Power that is seemingly independant of this puzzle. Away from the limitations of substance, to face what? Self-contemplation and then absolute freedom of action? Would all that was before thereafter seem like a dream or a nightmare?

Anyway, the front end of this post is about my Electronics projects, either buy a Mirror or buy me a beer! Composed a cheesy track for the video, which is low res, so I think it is a good match. The video does not do it justice. Has to be seen in person. The mirrors are hand made and are made to order. The plan is to raise a decent amount of funding to eventually develop something interesting. And highly artistic. Eventually.

The Mirror is a microcontroller timing/USB compatible/wiring/soldering/wood working/glass prep exercise; A mere step towards realising the vision.

The RSS feeds are aggrigated directly from my server now and will probably be compatible with iphone soon. Installed Linux, to dual boot with MS. Installed it as a loopback device which is better than converting the boot drive to Ext4 file system, as that will destroy your Windows partition/s if you decide to delete the Linux one in that situation. It is good, I like it. Developing some software using it, for my own pleasure basically, but maybe a freeware release; To discourage piracy.

Image top right: Click image to jump to the Hardware Projects page.

Mars Rover Curiosity

21/08/2012 02:09

Pondering again, over the alikeness of things on a particular scale. Symmetry probably would not be possible without a direct relation to something else; which seems to be itself and something else, how would it be possible to have an environment if this were not the case. Paying close attention to some objects within reasonable magnification reflects an interesting view. The similarity on a varied scale (like clouds or trees).

Not everything is as obvious to me of course, but local group, galaxy, solar system, atom; do appear to be the main focus, in that the most noticeable features of their structural arrangement, has a lot in common. There is more unknown either way as far as I'm concerned, ultimately the scale must end up with the one bit of existence that is ultimately responsible for everything. Supporting the patterns of reality, with absolute nothingness being the opposite polarity, overseen, governed by something, so there must be a margin somewhere.

But since nothingness (doesn't exist but does, the infinite perspective) means just that; the opposition and margin must be this one bit of existence shifting around at a seemingly unlimited speed, there, here and beyond - basically appearing to be everywhere at once - the constructive aspect, well outside of any means of detection; since the detector would have to be constructed inside the environment of which it is also made, with the exception of daydreaming. Inside the imagination. Providing imagined multiple interconnected possibilities (or an interpretation of such) rather than unimaginable nothingness, whatever that could be, which cannot truly be pictured, since there is nothing to visualise, fundamentally supported by the environment of course. Just a far out intuitive sci-fi hypothesis?
It's late, probably find a few mistakes when I read this through later. Watch out for the movie.

Image top left: A foreign dawn: Mars Rover Curiosity [the light dot in the lower left corner] monitoring some kind of gigantic skyward eruption. -- Click to enlarge.

Pointing at a different sky

25/06/2012 14:49

Several other things to do.

Re: Previous post. Again, think about operating automatically within and being driven by implicit assumptions; of course I'd expect to receive a dash of negative feedback, due to those conditions. Check out Cosmic Doppler effect/Redshift.

This months installment; having a closer look at internal? (spatial?) experiential reality. I mean, dreams (according to some) are seen as being associated with and based on visual sensory induction, hypothetically, conjured up after an immense amount of unnoticed sensory input during wakefulness; mysteriously, an array of fragments will be recalled during sleep. Which sounds valid but, this theory sound to me as being a bit mechanical or emotionless, rather than trying to pay attention to what could be remembered as an engaging ascension of some kind (more insights have come about recently; will go into that later). On waking, if put aside, confident of future reference, dreams occasionally vapourise when the senses regain control and cloud the experience; only to be mostly forgotten, but this time I got some art.

These ethereal landscapes can really only be the effects of greater causes, filtered by perception, a necessity relied upon to maintain the required states of the conscious mind in the material World. Just a snapshot of a scene from the unreachable. Pointing at a different sky.

Callisto Moon

19/03/2012 20:24

Meditation & Cognition Lab.

Ever more so fascinated and mesmerised by the environment. Namely the Local group Super cluster. This minute area in which this extraordinary dynamic extends. To position it's visible structure in my mind, got the thought-provoking meditation going. Contradictory I know. It is difficult to think about not thinking. Perplexed by the aspect of being seemingly at a stand-still. And yet, leaving a 'fusilli pasta' like spiral trail through space (just in case:.....not literally), blasting along at some rate (Earth orbiting the Sun and Galactic core, while moving in an apparently linear direction, the polar axis perpendicular to (in short order) the reference plane that was yesterday. Realise that this is in reference to the Solar system variable speed, choosing conservative figures, relative to other objects, 382 miles per second (615 kilometers per second) - 1.2¹º miles per year (1.95¹º kilometers per year). Wondering if the path follows and is locked into a parabolic trajectory, in the direction of elsewhere, or just directly drawn towards the invisible mass (in the viewable spectra, or just obscured by planetary systems so numerous and distant as to appear like dust across this vast expanse. There are some unfamiliar aspects as well.) at about 33 million miles per day. This includes the local group. Odd stuff or not? No, just unfamiliar, from the point of view of being enmeshed with the cognitive dissonance again. What's it all about and why not wonder why? Extending the curiosity.

Interested in the complexity of detecting parallel matter*. Maybe this is the mechanism behind precognitive behaviour, some point separated by an arrangement of different moments/patterns of energy, uniquely positioned (as far as the difference in location from the reference plane is concerned); to be eventually presented and then interpreted as being the present and seen from a different perspective as being the future. To say the least. But, as always. Need to meditate more on that. I was sceptical about taking notice of the breath technique to avoid the thoughts racing. It did create a self-immposed diversion. From falling asleep and dreaming that is.
*Otherwise known as Quantum entanglement.

Apart from all that, this segments artwork [Top right]: A London sized crustal fragment on an unstoppable course, headed directly towards Callisto's organic-rich partially sub-glacial ocean.

[There are new items in the Neoteric & Cosmos galleries.]

Break for high orbit

12/12/2011 20:43

Resolution 4.80 meters per pixel.

There is no such thing as infinity. It is perceived as being a reality; it's just that the scale or spread of void and matter makes it seem so.
That was just a guess.

Since "actual infinity" drove Georg Cantor mad or was it due purely to the antagonism faced for having ignored the accepted normal restraints; to imagine solving what could only be visualised (or not) through abstraction? An unbound boundary, not a practical phenomenon to view; except in the mind. I would like to spend more time deciphering the whole situation.
Why? For no real reason, but I cannot. Not right now. Oh yeah, I just want to figure out what the goal was, is or might be. Surely there is something to gain. Well at least my theory is simple and won't drive you to distraction. But I can't help but think about it.

Been busy working on something else... so here's a wallpaper. It's called "Break for high orbit". Based on some astronomy stuff. With comets Honda* and Levy (P/2006 T1) coming in real close soon, hope it will be possible to view them. Late last century witnessed the spectacular Comet Hale Bopp for a good few days, it was clearly visible down the high street in the town where I lived in Essex. I wasn't into space at all then, so I wasn't that bothered. Just noticed how odd the feeling was to observe it. Also witnessed a total solar eclipse there, the strange light and atmosphere, the way the silence descended. I have still to figure out what those dark-horizontal-parallel-shadowy-lines in the clouds were, directly over the flats in the sky just after the eclipse. Got a photo somewhere. I guess that is what sparked my curiosity.
A bit rushed this month. Got some (hopefully) interesting musings coming up soon.
Alternate name for my wallpaper, "What the hell is IT?"

*Apologies - Honda swept by in August 2011.

Particle of light

07/07/2011 20:17

Top Quark.

It seems to possess non-resistant qualities in lesser amounts; easily misunderstood. It didn't seem that high, but if you decided to take enough time to really calculate the possibilities, observe the actions, um and ah over it, check out the numerous beautiful shades of green; mesmerising, dynamic, energetic nature. The sky pelting along - thanks to a refreshing breeze, sunlight; swathes of encompassing warmth making itself felt, a prompt for a few minutes of optimism, when the fast paced, heavy low cold shadow casting clouds revealed a clearing of crystal blue; if only for a few moments. Sat there staring for a bit of time, wondering. Seeking the courage. I decided not to chance it. I was desperate for a swim. Though the red flags were up. It was too cold. The waves were well capable of misleading you. The surfers refused to get in. That was Brighton.

I like this. Captivated by it, I enjoy the puzzling. So after a bit of wondering.........the quantum physics double slot experiment. Certain conditions influence the test, where a single or multiple photons (light) are fired through a couple of slots. This builds up a pattern of several banded lines (interference pattern) on a receiving plate a bit further back. Only if it is not observed. Otherwise, no interference pattern and only what you would expect to happen in the first place; a pattern made up of two stripes. I think of certain possibilities or uncertancies if you like. The Earth's core resonates at a very low fundamental frequency, affecting the photons causing the banding effects over time. Perhaps. Observation of the photons. Maybe there is enough of an influence within and conducted by the observation sensor to cause influence on a photon.

Us being tuned to interpret only a selected bit of the light spectrum, doing so, just by observing; affects the way it behaves. As if the quantum nature of mind and spiritual energy; knowing is reason enough to cause the light to behave in a predictable manner. As it is viewed it's rotated 180 degrees. If you could see without manipulation of this effect, everything would give the impression of being upside down. Ignoring the corrections within the occipital lobe. If reception of unprocessed optical information could be percieved (the entire spectrum including normally invisible wavelengths and the radiation eminated from living things), probably an unfocussed blurry brightness would be visible; objects being percieved as energy fields, like a vertex map with the contrast turned up way beyond a sensible level (assuming that no light is absorbed and selectively reflected when viewed across the entire spectrum), an ocean of energy. That's what reality looks like. So. What is this place? lol!

Above - Left (click it). Striking the backplate. Title: Particle of Light.


24/04/2011 13:58

**pm: Substitute what you don't know for what you do. Just in case it slips your mind**

Well, I can't always expect text to serve as an accurate method of transmitting the intended meaning. I kind of assumed that it would be interpreted with jollity in mind rather than wallowing in the lower depths; surrounded by an airless gloom. In my opinion, It is so obvious. Social website stuff is very relevant. Aside from the tounge-in-cheek poke of last blog post, interactive dialogue is a powerful tool which can promote exciting co-creativity and insight that can only be a positive for others to guide/inspire. Rather than being a polarized individual, I think different viewpoints lead to a more accurate, rapid take up of understanding, this aside from other methods of course. Did I really have to explain this? No, but it was necessary for those who thought it was bad vibes. Maybe that says more about me not empathizing with the...let's say, the more brittle nature of some others? Anyway, I don't get it. What I do get is wanting everyone to like you and not the other way round, just ain't gonna happen. Is it? So it's not yielding anything but an interesting observation on the disagreeable expectations surrounding my trivial blog; probably just wasted my time writing about it. Ah, there I go again, limited with a dash of smudge? Having said that, I'm not a celebrity (I've seen enough already not to want it) but I am off to a good start! With reference to........I can't be bothered. Assumptions eh.

What a dull post. I hope to improve over the next few months. Determinedly hopeful.

Ps. Those insurance ads are a laugh. Feng shui and Free cake.

Thanks for liking. If you text, use my new number and leave id please. Thanks.

Above - Right. Title: Known Unknowns.


28/03/2011 22:44

Re: The photo from last blog post. Trafalgar Square. Well it becomes whatever mental image that materialises in your mind which you must agree is conditioned along certain pathways that you are oblivious to; unless you notice this by becoming detached from yourself, observing yourself during meditation for example. Otherwise, in your thoughts, the wild assembly becomes the truth, that concept is then let loose from it's owner to affect the creator, who then is a target for the critic. Which is good. Interesting to find that many who felt the pressing need to mail me about it, erred on the darker side of reasoning, weaving into it an impression of whatever has been a part of your own experiences, not mine. You'll just have to wait until you meet me at an exhibition.

I won't write lol here, but you made me laugh a lot. And yes, this is my blog written by me. If you find that hard to accept and think this is beyond me; that's down to your own twaddle, not mine. I'm Just having a laugh. I agree that it's my fault if you don't understand that. If I wrote with exact precision, you wouldn't accept it, so you get a whiff of it instead. My ultimate ambitions swerve in a very different direction to this. Will I achieve it? I don't know, but thinking about it is a start afterall.

My twitter is a bit...well, I'm not much into social media sites, but twitter is alright. Too much to learn up on. For example this is what I use for all my scripting Notetab Pro. If you're into coding, I recommend it. At first I hated it. I'll tell you what though, I wish I could dream up something better than those time wasting sites and create yet another time wasting site, but what is wasting time? Is there some kind of ultimate goal? Oh yeah, I know what it is. The none o'clock drop. I try to avoid them for fear of being consumed by it. Anyway, what possible concept could replace them and at the same time be brand new? At the moment, some new ideas on top of old ideas, too much to do at once, must focus on the one. As for dreams, I punch them into the berry on waking. If I remember. Maybe an idea will come out of that. I'll write about it, even if that means getting torn down for a dream. They are meant to be weird afterall or is it compulsory to have normal ones?

PS: One of my new works, a peek.

Click me! trafalgar square

26/02/2011 19:50

**PM Cognitive behavioral therapy is heavily interesting. A constant source of enlightenment. Especially when it is witnessed to alter the most pessimistic state of mind.**

Chinese New Year, Trafalgar Square. Weather-wise, grey blanket cloud, cold. Everyone near the stage swivelled around fast and ducked for cover when a high pitched blast of violin erupted out of the speakers about 50 metres away on the stage edge. So, took off up Whitcombe Street, the crowd gave off a lot of heat, packed out the road wall to wall, triggering the odd panic attack, setting off the crowd control, making it too much of a struggle to reach the intended destination; the Kowloon restaurant, the bun shop NOT the adjoining buffet, which is, well, if you like fried bone decorated with a tight skim of desiccated meat for ribs, then.

Last week; had a lucid dream about being on an archaeological dig team of 7 on the moon (tin foil hat alert!). In a dark shaded area, within a field of smooth low hills, the Sun, low on the horizon, cracking a sharp light across the top of these mounds, the sky black; an endless depth of giant bright stars overhead. Climbed down into a square hole 60 meters on each side and about 4 meters deep, in course, gritty soil. Which had a reflective sparkle to it, like the way light scatters across a patch of black ice. At the bottom of this pit was a mosaic. Made of opaque crystal pieces, each about 6mm in depth, variable measurements; for no side being more than 11mm in length. not a single one of them the same shape, perhaps millions of these items making up the floor of this hole, some of which was missing, the interesting thing was that this mosaic, what was left of it, did not appear to be an arrangement that you could call art. Because it was a work of art in itself. The most bizarre thing was that it was only required to wear warm winter clothing to work there. Disclaimer: Since I've never been on the Moon, I cannot verify whether this is possible or a healthy thing to attempt.

When asked how I create my work, hesitated because, it's not a question I've ever given any thought. Well this is one method. Dreams.

Getting back to my art in a big way now. Did a touch of redevelopment, entire website, will be adding more in the near future. Messing with css, other scripts and all that. Opera or Firefox runs smooth. Using Internet Explorer 6 still? Why? Anyway, site unavailable recently, bandwidth exceeded due to an increase in the amount of pageviews. A good sign I hope.

Click me! Carnaby Street

19/01/2011 22:20

** PM: Take a look in the mirror and think about why you think like that. **

No. I am not being pretentious. My minds voice. It's sort of how I am daydreaming, nothing serious, just the tip of the ice cube. In fact, if I were to disgorge every bit of happenings in my head throughout the day diary-like, it would be a bit too heavy on the magic and I'd be living entirely for the blog, but it is supposed to be personal. As near as I want it at the moment. Instead, It would be easier, very easy to sit here all day slagging people off who I think I know, just because they are noticed in the public eye and are hated for some flimsy reason, usually envy, bitterness etc being the prime mover.

I am interested in the composite nature of everything within. The singularity (if it can be so named) or is that quantum physics? I'm wrapped up with trying to understand how it works, since nobody can (so I'm told); especially how people are interconnected with it, like changing the way you think and how others react to you without having any knowledge of what you've been doing to genuinely alter the basis of your thoughts (I'll tell you about that another time). Not always with success. Not always a smooth pathway. But getting there.

Experimenting with ideograms (driven by the autonomic nervous system, reflex actions below the level of consciousness. Related to heart rate, breathing, blinking, mg's etc), in doing so discovering that; at least randomness does not exist. Not here anyway, as everything seems to branch off from previous actions. Just consequences of those events. Plucking numbers out of the vacuum. Got those 66.67% correct (later). But if you thought about doing so, in a random way then it's not random. To find something, you must already know something. It seems.

Ok. I have been evasive. Perhaps my blog should be more like a diary? With all the stuff; like what happened in the sports shop last year? Nah, Can't do that. It would be unbelievable. Maybe next month?

Click me! Snow South London

04/12/2010 15:04

** PM: Driven yourself mad with this purpose? **

Forgive that negative pm. I might explain later in detail, haven't got time to atm. Too shy to actually. Last week I had one glass worths of Califonian red, this week one whole bottle of Chilean red. All this snow and walking through it provoked that. Running was off so....doesn't make me an alcoholic. Does it? Nah, still feel like a slacker though. I can't handle the downers or hangovers the next day. If ya don't get those, then you are probably a hardcore boozer. Xmas trees, snow, good food (if you can get it), drink and all that. Merry Christmas! Who the hell knows what the new year will bring. I have an idea. I can't wait! And no, you don't know what I'm talking about.

Anyway, my previous post; was it science fiction or fact? More an experiment to demonstrate the way in which people cope with conflicting thoughts and the obvious mental and physical reactions that follow. Attitudes.

I predicted that ideas that fall outside of accepted boundaries issued by someone who is not seen as being some kind of authority, is met with comments surrounding the delusional etc etc, to put it mildly. It would make a difference if I could get a book deal for example. Dreaming aside, I would love to write some sci-fi, complete with some none obvious twists. Hesitant to do that, because of my fears. Rejection and other things. It is interesting to experience how people react to my science fiction or facts as they are or were. Reacting this way because it's me? Yes, I think. Or is it that the modification of my own interpreted ideas in respect to conflicting states of mind; namely paranoia and reality being as tactile as smoke; making decisions, jumping to conclusions based on the direction of the waft? About anything that is not consistent with my behaviour and beliefs, but sci-fi can be highly entertaining and is acceptable.

Some of my alternate ideas will be knocked up as art. Instead, I'll leave reality to Wikileaks.

Click me! Carnaby Street

19/11/2010 08:39

** PM: Thanks! **

Snapping some of the cosmic Christmas decorations in Carnaby Street inspired me to mention another interest of mine in which I want to dedicate more time to, but restricted by various hurdles, even so, I've recently started on a new project related to this. Astronomy. So I thought I'd better start somewhere or I never will otherwise. Busy knocking up a new website dedicated to some form of something, setting myself up for a task which I believe to be beyond me, which is a good challenge, just like slipping through the oil-slick-like mud during the run. Prior to this I imagined that the rain and cold would put a stop to that, instead; unexpected results motivate. Wanted to delve into another segment of mind, but too distracted at the moment. Been invited to exhibit in Italy next year. Anyway, back to my personal observation of this bit of the cosmos.

A mind boggling region of space. The asteroid belt. An orbital ring between Mars and the Jovian system. Some interesting geology there, chunks of stratified rock gently tumbling along in a more orderly manner than would be expected.

Rocks of this nature form planetary crusts, built up from fragments preceding in time to current processes (or previous ones) and by the action of separation, meaning particles from liquid solution at normal surface temperatures (whatever they are/were elsewhere) and of course; volcanic flow. Processes in which over millions of years produce the foundation for sediments to compact under pressure, forming the various differing layers. Each layer without doubt holding tantalising information, reflecting the environment during formation, the ingredients formed from initial substances, not excluding any possible organisms that were possibly present. Possibly.

Which is very interesting isn't it? Nature that is.

Big cheese

10/10/2010 20:01

Thank you for pointing this out on Twitter. I have taken notice. This has given me something to write about, so I am grateful for your input. Thought about it last week while being held up by the flu, which I managed to dodge unsuccessfully. I don't remember the time prior to this, of being pinned down by it.

Which leads me to the aspect of forgotten memories. Mistaken forms of insight attributed towards one's own imagination; without this being recognised even by the imagineer, convinced of being solely responsible for whatever originality, an inescapable, convincing bias towards the holders perceived genuine memory.

From my understanding of it, there are some suggested causes of this phenomena, such as sloppy memory reinforcement or some kind of perceptive impairment, whatever, however. The proof shall remain an elusive reality; outside of normal wavelengths, with no current possibility of deciphering thought patterns located in, shall I say....subatomic space (theory: so diminutive an area that photons would dwarf it) in order to determine the absolute origin of said provocative impulses. Unless you are a very stable and consistant psychic of course.

Having uttered that bit of tin-foil-hat sci-fi (?), this wouldn't be the first time that I have witnessed inaccurate recall, within other creative bubbles. It might just be otherwise. The recognition served by various media companies with their reams of collective talent and economic scope, being supposedly inspired by my minimal portfolio is.......definitely flattering.

South Bank

09/09/2010 14:33

I wanted to go to a particular book signing, no names mentioned since I rather stay within the notion of being apolitical. No, not apathetic, just unbiased and unassociated with any political relevance. The book signing was cancelled as is the event that was to be taking place at the Tate Modern. With nothing to hide, why high tail it? Because of a few loud mouthed protesters? Who as a whole only have one fifth or less (estimate) of the story, due to not being knowledgeable about the entire scope of motives and events etc. This is the reasoning behind the book, to enlighten the public. No, don't laugh; you haven't read it yet.

The unabated version of the situation is probably worth keeping quiet about for the next seventy years though, hence ducking out of the Tate? It would have been great!

There was nothing to worry about. The folk who usually wander around the Tate frontage and elsewhere along the South bank in daylight are; good humoured people.

I think a more physical form of protest would have had more of chance of erupting, if the book signing were to have taken place in New Addington. For example.

05/08/2010 01:11

Psychoanalysis (this is a very compact interpretation - as always), the study of influential feelings, such as anxiety and internal conflict, research that takes the subconscious into account. Seeking the driven repressed margins of thought. The fine, delicate web of repressed experiences, thought of as being apparently extinct or extinguished in the present until emotional discharge says otherwise.

Tired eyes

I don't think that these impulses are reliant solely on that state of mind alone, although there is a pronounced influence on behaviour (unknowingly). When the psyche suddenly informs us that we should stare into inner space, some fleeting images may be startlingly precise, but not always; the auxiliary ideas, where imagination is particularly dominant; like it or not, especially after over indulgence or the aftermath of a crashing headache for example, blurs what might be perceived. I cannot include every droplet of information here, because that would probably result in pages; rather than the odd paragraph here and there.

Thinking aloud; why does the subconscious fight for prominence in consciousness? it certainly feels as though this is the case. Or is it just, without question, the imagination, related to those past experiences that spring up from time to time? Anyway, enough clowning around. It is the elusive ability that is central to parapsychology I think, which is challenged by difficult to ignore established beliefs. The main message is a very pragmatic one at the moment (due to various responsibilities), necessary routines that create enough of a distraction, diversions from potential illustrative concepts and other blue sky events.

Perhaps further study may enable a greater control and less interference during the transmission of mental imagery to canvas. Still thinking about the content for my MP3 recording, without sounding too kooky.


30/07/2010 12:44

Created a few new editions, encompassing a different direction, it would be better if you could actually view them. I say this because I've not uploaded them to the site. Decided to wait until a future exhibition, location undecided.

Blackberry 8700g, bought on ebay for a fifth of a ton. For experimental purposes, namely the facility to check web based email when I'm not stuck in front of the PC and I like the retro look of this model. Faulty navigation interface was the reason behind the reasonable price, so a teardown was required. Repaired thumbwheel, cracked and unlocked it for all but one network. Updated the operating system, installed Opera-mini browser, developed and installed some holographic wallpapers (might up them to the BB store sooner or later) and replaced the complete enclosure for a fresh new one. 2.5G not 3G though, surfing is quicker than I expected (faster than on my old 3G phone), It's a useful tool, like a pocket PC. It's good, tough (because of the assumed comfortable position; fallen asleep, dropped it on to my face and out of bed a couple of times). Addictive.

Kensington Palace

04/06/2010 20:31

Created out of chance this painting (was wandering). Kensington Palace. In an exclusive area, sitting amongst the various properties nearby, Kensington Gardens is probably the Worlds most expensive street.

The Palace was constructed in the 17th century, in the then rural village of Kensington and known as Nottingham House; where the Earl of Nottingham resided. Visit and find out more. Not much else to say about the location; except for the fact that it is a nice area, if you can avoid the machine guns further down the way. Heckler and Koch MP5's I think they were. Definitely. When I was confronted with these a while ago (unarmed apart from camera and phone, had to point this out), wasn’t aware, concerning some of the previous facts that I mentioned earlier and due to being under the influence, thought it was a fine idea to walk up and take some snaps of this very smart street; at night, without flash. Which attracted some attention.

Temple plinth cascades

11/05/2010 20:11

My latest work. Temple plinth cascades. An effort to translate and capture one of my elusive dreams. On waking, actively holding onto the perceived scenes in my mind, then sketched out quickly to a 99p notepad.

Anyway, what you see here. I wanted to recreate this idyllic scene, a picturesque one; charged with an obvious danger. Turbulent water flowing directly between the pillars below, on which the Temple sits. Light rain showers advancing steadily across the jungle landscape in the distance, mingling with the rising condensation, powered by the still strong early evening sunlight. All working together, driving the ceaseless flow of the waterfalls.  

Click to enlarge.

08/05/2010 21:07

Nothing much to ramble on about today. I've been sitting in front on my screen since the early hours. Working on some new digital paintings. Up early - too alert, I'd sleep well if I would return to my vices, but then the lethargy gets a hold. Here's some wallpapers courtesy of; click the images below to access them.

free wallpaper free wallpaper - dragon 3d free wallpaper - zones

London, Trafalgar Square

26/04/2010 14:44

**Private message. "hang-gliding?". Laugh! But that's not quite what I meant. Consultancy services are available. End of private message.**

Airborne fats from years of fried food; finally saw to my old PC. Smothering the motherboard with a thin, viscous insulating layer, putting a hold on whatever productivity that was in motion at the time. 

Replaced the server, partitions intact (luckily avoiding dynamic ones), stripped out the old drivers. Now dual booting Windows 2000 and 2003 server operating systems. I prefer 2000 server. Problem is, due to w2k not being supported anymore, leading to it being a more common occurrence of having to hack installer packages to run some of the newer stuff, hence the dual boot.

Next: An insightful day. For the sake of peace and irrelevance; the drunks in Trafalgar square were better off tolerated, as far as I was concerned. 

I felt genuinely peaceful, the clarity of the sky was unusual (probably down to the flight ban). The jets were reclaiming the skies overhead, which was piercing blue and cloudless, carved up by newly laid contrails, brilliant starshine, brighter than normal; with a crisp clean breeze shifting around. Too cool in the shade. 

Definitely not circumstances that would call for griping of any kind, from anyone. Due to regular exercise and a much lower alcohol intake. 
I was having to concentrate on my coordination after just one pint of London Pride. Nothing but an acceptable level of decorum though. 
Probably will slip back into the old routine a few weeks from now. I can see a nice bottle of red doing the trick. 
Attracting the paperwork? With reference to the photo. I guess it depends on how you are perceived in public. If you like to shower or bathe regularly and wear clean clothes; you can have your drink and avoid being noticed. There was an obvious reason for this scene; purely a superficial one though.

Right: Police & PCSO's in London. Ticketing and confiscating booze.

Amsterdam, Brouwerij, Zeeburg

04/04/2010 14:31

It should be the height of good table manners to haul out a crate of something a bit different to make a good impression. Right now, I am talking about Zeeburg Tripel - from the Brouwerij Zeeburg in Amsterdam. From whom, two much appreciated samples were delivered.

On opening, the aroma that rises from the bottle, lets you know that it is indeed a 'real' beer. 
There is a strange or maybe obvious hint that it was carefully developed to maintain the essence of a nostalgic home grown brew. It is not crisp, golden brown and pin bright in appearance as would be the normal expectation, but that could be down to me not allowing enough time for it to settle.
Sampling, the taste has a small amount of sweetness; which reminded me of honey mead, containing a hit of citrus that makes itself noticed mid palate, with a tangy flavour, reminiscent of lime. This could be down to my supping gear; since I am not a regular beer drinker. It has a completely unique taste and texture from what I would usually favour.

Apart from that. At 7.8%, this unfiltered beer packs a serious wallop. An intense, powerful alcoholic high shows itself not long after attacking your first bottle; two thirds down (was enough for me), producing a strong feeling of glowing merriness. Yup, doesn't take that much to have you grinning like the Cheshire cat.

Speaking of which, It is almost the right time of year; I think it would be a good idea to jump over to Amsterdam, sit by a canal under a parasol; in good company, table laden with beverages, in the sunshine with a gentle breeze wafting around, piercing blue sky; speckled with white clouds - you get the picture....Seek it. You won't be dissapointed.

London, Oxford street, Edgware

17/03/2010 18:09

Somewhere just off of Edgware Road, around the corner from Oxford street. On entry, the waiter pounced immediately. The Lebanese Abu Ali restaurant from outside; offers a daunting view, shack-like in appearance, so it wasn't a surprise to find that this restaurant seemed to be host to only a minimal amount of customers, at the time; in comparison to other eateries nearby.

It was a good find. Everything cooked from scratch, fresh salad, so there is a wait. When you flip through the menu, disregard any mental images that may be conjured up as a result. For example, two diced lamb kebab skewers, seasoned with herbs, roasted onions, peppers etc; sounds grand, only the reality was two diced lamb kebabs on tooth picks. Don't let that put you off, the cuisine was of a high standard and as such, cannot be ignored.  

Would I go back there again?  Yeah, I suppose so. Possibly. 
Flip a coin first.
Right: I've yet to try the pipes. The smoke had the aroma of fruits.

London, Greenwich

07/03/2010 04:11

Greenwich observatory. Fantastic panorama. For years, when I woke up in East London, had an unrestricted view of the observatory from the North side of the Thames, until the Leylandii flourished  - Left: Uphill pathway - Greenwich park.

No snaps of lunch. I did get something at the following coordinates. See it on Google Earth 3D
(Layers, Geographic Web with Panoramio enabled ) : 51° 28' 33.88" N 0° 0' 8.34" W.
Link: Toying with kookyness; where ordinary, accepable views are held with a determined grip, unless proven to an absolute degree concerning whatever particular topic in view. 
Leaning towards the following point will require an amount of flexibility. To expect and believe in the results is a difficult task. 

Delving below restrictive views, inciting the subliminal aspects; consciousness and other related states, are not susceptible to scientific measurement, beyond electrical sensing. Would the extent of non-spatial volume be a suitably convenient term? For example, seemingly exactly opposite to material charateristics and yet obviously integrated with the physical body (anti-matter?).  Experimenting with certain audio range frequencies (between 5 and 600Hz - I forgot the name of the technique), using Psycle synthesizer software and a couple of virtual instruments. Hoping to induce a relaxed, meditative state, while interpolating a constant frequency with an effective natural backing of some sort. I will (eventually) release an MP3 with instructions. I have listened to other recordings that have had an effect, soothing the mind, clearing the imagination; memorable lucid events can be triggered. Difficult to prove. It could be purely coincidental, maybe not.

01/03/2010 11:33

At the moment, pondering over artwork and it's ability to stir subjective interpretation. Logical connections leading to conclusions that are not in some cases, based on the facts of the matter in view. I captured; what I supposed was 20th century history, the remains of several buildings due for demolition. Those sites as they were, no longer exist. An acquaintance interpreted the work, took great offence and associated the image as an insult unto himself. Due to the fact (in his mind) that It was somehow underhand concerning it's meaning; purely because of the selected location, that was deemed to be interesting as far as I am concerned. The scale of regeneration in East London, makes it necessary to capture some aspects that would otherwise (if ignored) be consigned to a lasting condition of regretfulness. And I imagine that most would want to avoid that emotion, including myself.

A bit of a wait since last posting, reasons being related to certain activities that I will talk about later. In the near future. This blog is based on a mish-mash of thoughts and realities and not intended to be offensive (I try to be light-hearted) since; this is supposed to be my personal scratch pad and not driven at all by company marketing.

19/02/2009 12:28

It has been a while since the last update.

I have been working on a fresh new style for the website. After being held up by the flu at the latter part of 2008 and at the beginning of 2009, I decided to get on with it. Thought that the previous design wasn't user friendly enough. I hope that the differences are noticed. 

More soon.

06/10/2008 12:59

An assumption of the frequency. The reality of it all is equal to a couple of times per year, I haven't got the time since I have been working on the gallery, of which a new section is now open - *End of private message*.

Lucid dreaming

For those who often boast of themselves as being "realistic", there is a consistent answer, some may attribute this line of thought to common sense. I believe something real is attributed to 3-dimensional matter, any object, life in general. Having said that, I also believe in the intangible aspects which make up a composite existence.
Being persistent in portraying your own ideas is seen as a negative trait at times, I am not sure why. To excess maybe, but what is too much? 

I think we are driven to view our own consciousness as being primary and the experiences of others are simply ideas to be abstracted through your own comprehension, limited by a variable margin. I am empathetic, although biased in favour of my own. I'd say that this is a common direction. (At this moment, if you are wondering, a deliberate examination of what is obvious, rather than what you would expect me to write). It is a necessary process of consciousness; varied across people, from the cold or unaffected to the warm and loving, but usually an unequal interpretation of events; occasionally there is something beyond the superficial and positive interaction is achieved. Without this necessity, an argument would not be feasible. There would be no point. So. The universe appears to be meshed together by a foundation of opposition, on every level. Symmetry in other words.  The image represents a lucid dreaming experience that I was lucky enough to remember. Flying, looking back at my feet, the clouds and the horizon.

05/09/2008 16:41

Having been occupied with various demands lately, I did take time out to visit a location that I know very well, but no longer reside near to. The very popular Green Street, which is a World famous location apparently; If that is the case, for what exactly?

Whoever wants to visit the area for sightseeing pleasures, at present you will not be disappointed, especially after absorbing the architecture of Queens Market into memory, which is a critical reflection on the locality as a whole, misleading to a certain degree. 

London, Green street, Newham, olympics

Even so, this is where vision and ambition are colliding, within the boundaries of a particular borough called Newham, meaning the 2012 Olympics, which is now set for London East. Maybe Green Street E7 will become the ornament, an integral part of the whole event? 
Exaggeration aside, It is possible. Green Street has an interesting atmosphere and is enjoyable when the weather is right. 

People from all of the nations on Earth seem to be there, no, are definitely there; in fact I think Newham itself is possibly the most diverse place on the planet, therefore it would benefit from further expansion, adding even more variety and new cuisine to try out.
The Himalaya is a restaurant that I frequent. You can't miss it. Above the entrance there's some kind of tattered green canopy (don't be put off), under this some fast food and sweets are sold outside, enter and you will find an excellent selection on the menu; such as spicy roasted chicken, tandoori chicken, lamb kebabs, roti etc, etc.

Right: Tandoori fish, Kashmiri chicken curry and rice.

Highly pleasing to look at and eat. I have got to add that the seating might be damaged in some way, don't panic, that is normal.

*Update* Seating upgraded. Avoid the lettuce salad.

22/08/2008 20:22

I just felt like it. I was going to say it, the impulse that you get, but fail to utter the notion that becomes apparent in your mind, that is subdued, due to the other side of you dismissing the ridiculous idea that you could be right. Coincidence is a phenomenon which most people experience, from catching the bus immediately after arriving at a bus stop to winning the lottery. 

Having witnessed very striking coincidences, it would be easy to dismiss such experiences as chance. I seek meaning in the coincidence, since logic, which is not the only factor driving existence, because (in my opinion) prior to 'anything' logic also was a void concept; without consciousness, logic cannot reside. Using logic of course. The level at which our society sits, simply toys with the whole idea, or do we? 
Not sure, in fact I am sure that anything abstract is usually met with titters or a blank face; various other distractions have a higher priority. Coincidence is limited merely by the level of its respectability, even though it is believed by some that the universe in its entirety is just a coincidence, if not then logic slams open another idea contrary to the expected one. Yes, yes I'd like to hear more content on my local talk radio station, rather than late night quizzes. G & Tipple. After taking a generous swig of what appeared to be a Gin and Tonic mixer,Art from Artefact

the tube doors opened abruptly. Positioned exactly on opposite sides of the carriage doors; camera already powered up, she behaved as if caught out for a guilty action that I had the authority to reprimand her over. 
Just happened to be in the right place at the right time. The booze. Why wait until home anyway? 

Obviously, the drinking ban currently in force on the underground, was not in place at the time that this photograph was taken (2006), located not far from Portobello Road market - W10.

Not sure how effective the ban is; I would assume that on arrival at the ticket barrier, preloaded with booze, the likelihood of having back up supplies stowed away somewhere none too obvious, is more than probable.

15/08/2008 03:00

Nothing of interest at the moment, unless you want to read about the ever present oddities concerning Internet Explorer 6 and Firefox reading code differently, the latter doing what it says on the tin.
New gallery coming soon.

07/08/2008 17:47

The increasing rise in popularity of 21st century art. Many people are now realising that contemporary art is well worth taking a second look at and moving away from simply following traditional art, seeking an alternative view, which may yield a captivating proposition that was previously not thought of. Anyway, back on track...Art from Arte-fact This example here highlights the fact that most people are actually interesting to observe, without any encouragement I grabbed the shot, Croydon in Greater London. I often wonder, although at first glance it may seen obvious, what precisely is the issue here then?

I titled this work Peep show and had absolutely no prior knowledge that Peep show was actually based in Croydon. Just a strange coincidence, if you believe in coincidence that is.

Peep Show is an award-winning British sitcom starring David Mitchell (Mark) and Robert Webb (Jeremy). Mark is a credit manager and the more sensible of the duo, but is conspicuously awkward and uneasy socially (I suppose if he was 'normal' that wouldn't be interesting now would it?) and suffers from constant nagging doubts. Jeremy, rents Mark's spare room and generally has a more optimistic and energetic outlook than Mark. If you've watched and enjoyed it as I have, then you know what I'm talking about. 

27/07/2008 21:59 

Motivated by a new platform (for selected emerging artists) called Beck’s Canvas, which is a joint effort between London's Royal College of Art (RCA) and the German brewery, Becks. The RCA requested that their graduates and students provide material based on the theme of individuality, a jury of RCA artists selected the winners, who will now soon influence the future image of the Beck's beer marketing campaign as well as becoming an addition to the labels art gallery and highly regarded artistic connection. 

From the 1st of August until the end of year, Beck’s beer bottles will be suited with the artwork of the following four artists: Charlotte Bracegirdle, Tom Price, Simon Cunningham and Rita Ikonen, which will be seen by millions as part of a summer television advertising thrust for Beck’s, which will convey the “Different by Choice” message. The advertising focuses on objects, places and people who have achieved success by setting their own 'no rules' agenda.

Beck’s has supported contemporary British art for twenty years and has prior to this event urged artists such as Tracey Emin, Damien Hirst, George & Gilbert, Jake & Dinos Chapman and Rachel Whiteread to create label artwork for limited edition bottles. Beck’s Canvas is one of the largest public art commissions I know of - 27 million bottles will be produced.

We were invited by James Fell of, for the unveiling of the exclusive label artwork at the Royal College of Art. The spontaneity of the art created was satisfying. 

Charlotte Bracegirdle's work - emotionally engaging due to the contradictive aspect, a desire to be invisible. A solution into solving the watchful critics. Rita Ikonen - A display of corrupted spatial hallucination, confronting the viewer with a play of contrasts. Simon Cunningham's avian/mammalian exhibit possessed intricate detail, a unique transformation and Tom Price - An expressive concept that breaks through a series of thresholds both literally and metaphorically. A striking visual, a profile transfixed by a possibly burdensome inheritance. 
An unexpectedly intense exhibition, as if caught in a vortex of their collective dreams.

Overall it was a fine night, which was added to by a dash of drama further down the road in SW7.

Charlotte Bracegirdle, Tom Price, Simon Cunningham and Rita Ikonen (click  here for artworks).

© MMVIII - MMXII All rights reserved.

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